Elephas Store

The Apple Of Exploring

An Augmented Reality platform where users go for a walk to collect real vouchers and coins . Get up now and Explore the world for new places. Elephas Store is now available

Elephas Rules

Only three steps needed to get you ready on Elephas Map

Internet Connection

Enable your WIFI / Cellular Data. Better connection signal, the Better update for Elephas Map and the vouchers nearby you

Location Service

Turn on your location service on . GPS works best at outdoors . Keep moving around till GPS Signal Gets stronger

Start Walking

Remember the more you walk on Elephas Map, the more you get rewarded .You can find Vouchers worth 1000K Elephas Coins

Screen Shots

Eelphas Guide to collect Vouchers

Register Your Data
Start Elephas Walk
Rare vouchers worth 10000k
Buy whatever you need with elephas coins


You can either buy their vouchers using Elephas Coins or walk and collect them at Elephas Map

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